A vector picture of a rectangular cat, often used as a profile picture.


Computer fiddler, music listener, game player, part time weeb, partial problem, mere and hopefully inoffensive human being. Now on a web browser.

Pronouns: do/not/matter

(btw, you have a funny screen)

Hey funny story: this website's being reworked! Bootstrap is being removed and things are being reflourished (so I can finally use IE6 or the Kobo e-reader's web browser or whatever).

So things will break and look odd.

on other platforms, I...

don't know what music I recently played

normally I constantly listen to music, at least while I'm doing something. surprisingly, I can't gather any info on that.

ListenBrainz; Last.fm.

have been unable to play games

Alan please add details.

am somewhere on the Fediverse

blah blah blah I am an introverted idiot. look at my weird thoughts and niches.

stare at a television

Hello friend.
That's lame. Maybe I should give you a name... but that's a slippery slope.


A human being, as any other. A doer-of-all in terms of technology, with an emphasis on Linux and programming, but mostly it's just whatever's on my mind. Also interested in art creation, not at all good at doing it.

I also find a niche in music: primarily preferred genres include industrial/metal, electronic music (like Warp Records), and alternative. I mean, it's not like I have a CD collection or anything...

I do not tend to be an offence by default; should I ever disagree with your opinion, whatever may it be, I don't care and neither should anyone else. Believe in and be whatever you want, just have an appealing personality, please.
There is a time and place for politics, drama, things of the sort; more often than not, me wanting to have fun does not constitute as that.

...not that any of this actually defines a person, then again


Should you ever want to contact me, for whatever reason, use whatever method works best for you.

PGP public key thing

If you don't know what this is, forget it; this is not "required," just a secure means of encryption/signing. Here's a quick reference on how it "works" for emails.
To those who know what this is for, this is my fingerprint: 623A60EA2B9FDA40252A7D51550913E862FF13DD
Here's the public key on OpenPGP.org


I should be able to respond to XMPP messages rather quickly. This is a preferred way of sending instant messages; if you can, and if it suits your needs, use this.

Main xmpp.xyz account, alt Disroot account, OMEMO fingerprints

I have a Matrix account hastily bridged to my XMPP account, so I should be reachable there. Beware of Matrix jank, but you probs know about it already.

Less active Matrix account

If possible, use plain text and PGP encryption.
atlascore à disroot point org
(démerdez-vous, êtres humains.)

Telegram upon request

It's not the best of messaging platforms for privacy, but it sure as hell isn't the worst by far.
I'd be happy to provide my username upon request. Shoot me an email or whatever.

Fediverse (Mastodon/Pleroma/Misskey/etc)

While it's not the most secure or private method of communication, it is one that works for quick messages.

Starnix Pleroma alt, Mastodon alt
Hateful Discord bullshit platform

You seriously shouldn't use this for reasons other than desperation. My username is as usual, worst comes to worst.

why "atlas_core", or "rightmouse.click"?

what, you wanna hear me ramble or something?

"atlas core" has a pretty simple meaning as a reference to one of my favorite games, Portal 2. In that game, there's a co-op mode, where 2 players can complete levels together (hopefully).
The characters, Atlas and P-body, all look like other entities in the game; Atlas looks like an Aperture Science core, whereas P-body looks like a turret. And no, I'm not calling myself P-Turret.

The term "right mouse click" (as in rightmouse dot click) was just some creative name I tried coming up with when looking at domains and their ends (a.k.a. TLDs, or .com, .co, .me, etc). I didn't want to go with something too basic, so I found "click" to be quite interesting. I tried coming up with sentences with that, and thought of "left mouse click". That happened to be taken, so I went with the right mouse click.
And yes, I hate NFTs.

Hey this section is really unfinished and fucky, beware.


The character I frequently use often as a "profile picture". Say hi to him. :)

It is designed to be a cat, but it can also look like a Wiimote/fridge/power outlet/phone/tower fan/blanket/Teletubbies/toilet/car/Arch Linux user/door.

Early 2020: I wanted to do a quick sketch of a chair in GIMP, and for no reason decided to add cat ears. Turned out that it looked more like a cat than a chair, so it became a cat named Chair from now on.
Mid 2020: I remade Chair entirely, so that it looked cleaner. I used those images as profile pictures nearly everywhere. For the better.
Late 2022: I remade Chair, again, without the intention of making something hugely different. This time, it was in Vector though!

Source images
An image of Chair, the character.

Personal codey-code projects

Stuff I have worked on previously. And probably gave up on.
Time management is stupid anyway.

Actual stuff


A simple and addictive, arcade-like game where you collect dots, written in C++ with Raylib, although taking code inspiration from another game, Terri-Fried.
Probably my proudest work yet, I highly recommend you check it out!



A still very incomplete, rudimentary Android client for Nitter built with native, modern technologies like Compose in mind.
While incomplete and mostly put on the backlog of incomplete projects, it's my most prominent work on the Android platform.


Other stuff that exists


What used to be a Discord bot, that later got turned into a core library and a Discord bot.
Abandoned due to the main bot's discontinuation (Discord being garbage) and due to horrible memories with some people related to my Discord experience.

view library core, or view garbage dicsrod bot

A Roblox module that allows the player to interact with the Spotify API from in-game as a potential substitute for game soundtrack or overlay.
Abandoned due to lack of motivation and not really having a way to authenticate. Oh, and because I now use YT Music.


A CLI-based app meant to synchronize songs from one device to another, but that can also be used to sort song files elegantly
Mostly sitting in unfinished limbo; I myself didn't find the need to continue this. Syncthing does the job.