Image of Chair, the image I often use online.


Canadian tech enthusiast, Linux user, programmer, vidja game player, music listener. Perhaps human.
Wii U owner.

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You would think that I'd be pissed. But no, I actually respect it. Difficult to not get tracked online in this day and age, so, y'know what? I appreciate your decision. Keep it up, buddy, you're doing great!
Do know that, when making this website, I did my best efforts to not make it rely on JavaScript too much (and in fact, only added gimmicks in JS, but while I do not purposely put trackers on here (with the possible exception for for the MIDI player and for certain images/functions), there still are some features (mainly gimmicks) that'll be missing (notably themes and platform integrations).
Your choice on who to trust.

You are on a small screen.

Sorry that you'll have to browse my website like this.
I do my best, but it seems that certain things just won't work right with a tiny screen like this, sorry if something doesn't look right! Web designing and CSS is a fucking pain in t...


I'm a human, but you'll have to take my word for it. I try my best to, at least... Society is a confusing burden.
I'm not more/less important than anyone else; I'm not looking to be, either.
I have major interests in technology, including Linux, gaming and programming.
I enjoy listening to music, more specifically metal/industrial, as well as more electronic stuff (vaporwave/synthwave, somewhat EDM).
I find social engineering, human behaviours and just general society aspects also somewhat interesting, and spend my time on the Fediverse. Because fuck Twitter and Discord.
I have neurological disorders, but I don't think they matter more than who I am, I barely ever mention them. (if they did, I'd be an attention seeker, and refuse to find solutions to my problems. that, or make people care about a buzzword, not actually about who I am.)

PS: I hate Windows, an OS that makes me feel like I'm renting a computer I bought full-price. Seriously, pay for ads. What the fuck.
PPS: Don't even get me started on Microsoft Edge.

why "atlas_core", or ""?

"atlas core" has a pretty simple meaning as a reference to one of my favorite games, Portal 2. In that game, there's a co-op mode, where 2 players can complete levels together (or not, and just mess around with stuff) (from experience, we mostly messed around). The characters, Atlas and P-body, all look like other entities in the game; Atlas looks like an Aperture Science core, whereas P-body looks like a turret.
Would P-body be "P-turret"?..wait, no, that sounds like something else.

The term "right mouse click" (as in was just some creative name I tried coming up with when looking at domains and their ends (.com, .co, .me, etc). I didn't want to go with something too basic, so I found "click" to be quite interesting. I tried coming up with sentences with that, and thought of "left mouse click". That happened to be taken, so I went with the right mouse click.
Hmm, I could probably turn this website into some anti-NFT thing.. maybe I will.


Say hi to him. :)
Early 2020: I wanted to do a quick sketch of a chair in GIMP, and for no reason decided to add cat ears. Turned out that it looked more like a cat than a chair, so it became a cat named Chair from now on.
Mid 2020: I remade Chair entirely, so that it looked cleaner. I used those images as profile pictures nearly everywhere. For the better.
Late 2022: I remade Chair, again, without the intention of making something hugely different. This time, it was in Vector though!

Source images
An image of Chair, the character.

Personal projects

Stuff I have worked on previously. And probably gave up on.


A simple and addictive, arcade-like game where you collect dots, written in C++ with Raylib, although taking code inspiration from another game, Terri-Fried.
Probably my proudest work, I highly recommend you check it out!



What used to be a Discord bot, that later got turned into a core library and a Discord bot.
Abandoned due to the main bot's discontinuation (Discord being garbage) and due to horrible memories with some people related to my Discord experience.

view library coreview Discord bot


A Roblox module that allows the player to interact with the Spotify API from in-game as a potential substitute for game soundtrack or overlay.
Abandoned due to lack of motivation and not really having a way to authenticate. Oh, and because I now use YT Music.



A CLI-based app meant to synchronize songs from one device to another, but that can also be used to sort song files elegantly
Mostly sitting in unfinished limbo; I myself didn't find the need to continue this...



A Python side-project that I had that quickly put together that replaces Roblox's local sound assets.
Not really abandoned; it still works, just not updated.



An attempt at writing "Hello world" programs in multiple languages, as many as I could in early 2020.
This was actually my first codey-code project ever!