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You would think that I'd be pissed. But no, I actually respect it. Difficult to not get tracked online in this day and age, so, y'know what? I appreciate your decision. Just beware of the usual; websites may not appear properly if you don't have JavaScript, yadda yadda yadda...
I did my best to make this website as light and independent as possible, however I cannot say for sure that it is "light." I guess that's what happens when you use a preset.

What I am/what I do

I am a human, who hopefully is not a threat to other people (that is, unless they're mean (eye for eye)), and enjoys technology as well as music, creativity and gaming.

I often spend most of my time on decentralized social media such as Mastodon, now rarely go on Discord (ew) to see if I missed something (often I don't, so Discord sits in no man's land for me), listening to rather rock/metal music (or the complete opposite, vaporwave and chiptune. music tastes are weird.), or just tinkering with Linux computers, server-like Raspberry Pis, or playing games.

I hate being mean to people, unless I have my reasons, which usually takes a lot for me to even find any. I mean, don't we all have human flaws? I sure do...
I also hate Windows. Just.. No. Ew. NO. Most of the time when I have Windows on a personal computer, it feels like I'm renting my own computer.

Blog-type things

I write about things. If it's not on Mastodon, too specific to be on Mastodon or too big to fit in a few messages, it'll often end up in a post on my "blog" (really just a Jekyll setup). Although I really need to use it more often.

Why "atlas core", why "right mouse click"?

"atlas core" has a rather simple meaning, referencing Portal 2's companion robots in the co-op mode. You can either play as Atlas or P-body. Atlas looks like an Aperture Science core put into a robotic frame, hence the name "atlas core"; because Atlas looks like a core put in a robot frame. And P-body looks like a turret in a robotic frame, so it'd be.. I dunno, "p-turret"? Wait, actually no, that sounds like something else.
(can you tell i'm a Valve fan?)

The term "right mouse click" (as in was just some creative name I tried coming up with when looking at domains and their ends (.com, .co, .me, etc). I didn't want to go with something too basic, so I found "click" and thought of sentences that ended with "click", and thought of "left mouse click", but that was taken. Next logical step; right clicking. That was not taken, and so I went with that one. You know, I could probably turn this website into some anti-NFT thing, now that I think about it...


As an Internet person, I have accounts on several services. You can even reach me on some of those "social medias"! Isn't the Internet so magic and crazy?

Generally, my username on a lot of services is either atlas_core or AtlasC0R3 (my old username).

If it's a social service, don't be afraid if you have something to say; I don't bite or threaten unless you do it first (which isn't very nice (and I'll be angry (and sad))). Worst I might do is not respond, but that's it.

And yes, you can swear in my face.