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Canadian, tech enthusiast, Linux user, occasional code writer, vidja gaem player, music listener, Arch Linux user, typical highschool unenjoyer. Probably has braincells.
Wii U owner.

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You would think that I'd be pissed. But no, I actually respect it. Difficult to not get tracked online in this day and age, so, y'know what? I appreciate your decision. Keep it up, buddy, you're doing great! Do know that, when making this website, I did my best efforts to not make it rely on JavaScript too much (and in fact, only added gimmicks in JS, but while I do not put trackers on here (with the possible exception for for the MIDI player), there still are some features (mainly gimmicks) that'll be missing (notably themes and platform integrations, the latter can be seen below).
Your choice on who to trust.

It seems you are on a phone.

I am very, very, very, very, very sorry that this is how you'll have to experience this with a phone.
From my testing, the website works fine, but some elements may not be very good, or outright disabled. For example, I had to disable the backgrounds and website themes since they just didn't work and, in fact, showed graphical glitches on my device.

on other platforms, I...

don't know what media I recently watched

normally I would say what I've been listening to or been watching, but I probably haven't loaded the results yet. actually, you had the time to read this, so that's likely never gonna happen. (or you need better Internet)

have been unable to play games

and here would be where I show you a recent game I've been playing. however, I cannot tell what I've been recently playing on Steam.
TODO: either make this message disappear without JavaScript or add a fallback function.

am socially awkward

and this box is for where my social media activity would go. but again, can't connect to my server, so that's not likely to happen anytime soon.
note: that top text isn't actually wrong.

so, what do I do..?

I do general human things, such as: sleep, wake up and hate life, eat, use a bathroom, and hope to not be a threat to other people. Unless that other person's an asshole, in which case I'll gladly be a threat in return.
I also enjoy technology and music, find that being creative is fun, and gladly like to play some games when time allows.
Another thing that I like doing is spending time mostly on decentralized social media, mostly Mastodon. Discord sits in no man's land for me, and if anything, I hate it for what it is. On that topic, social engineering is definitely something that's been on my interests for the past year or so.
If I'm not doing any that, then I'm likely listening to metal music, or just tinkering around with Linux computers and servers, or listening to metal music and writing nerdy code stuff.
PS: I also hate using Windows, an OS that makes me feel like I'm renting a computer I bought full-price. Seriously, pay for ads. What the fuck.

what's "atlas_core", or ""?

"atlas core" has a pretty simple meaning as a reference to one of my favorite games, Portal 2. In that game, there's a co-op mode, where 2 players can complete levels together (or not, and just mess around with stuff) (from experience, we mostly messed around). The characters, Atlas and P-body, all look like other entities in the game; Atlas looks like an Aperture Science core, whereas P-body looks like a turret.
Would P-body be "P-turret"?..wait, no, that sounds like something else.

The term "right mouse click" (as in was just some creative name I tried coming up with when looking at domains and their ends (.com, .co, .me, etc). I didn't want to go with something too basic, so I found "click" to be quite interesting. I tried coming up with sentences with that, and thought of "left mouse click". That happened to be taken, so I went with the right mouse click.
Hmm, I could probably turn this website into some anti-NFT thing.. maybe I will.

garbage I own

Computer (Ryzen 5 3600, 16 GB RAM, RX 6650XT)
Phone (Google Pixel 6, 256GB ROM) and a bunch others
PlayStation Vita (2000, Model B)
Xbox 360 Slim (Trinity model, RGH2, 320GB HDD)
Xbox (Revision 1.6, softmodded)
Wii U Basic (8GB ROM, 150GB USB HDD, Tiramisu CFW)
Nintendo Switch ("OG" model, stock, collecting some dust)
NVIDIA Shield TV (from 2017)
HTC Vive Set (+ Deluxe audio strap), with Index controllers


Say hi to him. :)
Brief history, early 2020: I wanted to do a quick sketch of a chair in GIMP, and for no reason decided to add cat ears. Turned out that it looked more like a cat than a chair, so it became a cat named Chair from now on.
Mid 2020: I remade Chair to be cleaner, and now that's the image I use as a profile pic everywhere now. For the better.

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Personal projects

Stuff I have worked on previously. And probably gave up on.


A simple and addictive, arcade-like game where you collect dots, written in C++ with Raylib, although taking code inspiration from another game, Terri-Fried.
Probably my proudest work, I highly recommend you check it out!



What used to be a Discord bot, that later got turned into a core library and a Discord bot.
Abandoned due to the main bot's discontinuation (Discord being garbage) and due to horrible memories with some people related to my Discord experience.

view library coreview Discord bot


A Roblox module that allows the player to interact with the Spotify API from in-game as a potential substitute for game soundtrack or overlay.
Abandoned due to lack of motivation and not really having a way to authenticate. Oh, and because I now use YT Music.



A CLI-based app meant to synchronize songs from one device to another, but that can also be used to sort song files elegantly
Mostly sitting in unfinished limbo; I myself didn't find the need to continue this...



A Python side-project that I had that quickly put together that replaces Roblox's local sound assets.
Not really abandoned; it still works, just not updated.



An attempt at writing "Hello world" programs in multiple languages, as many as I could in early 2020.
This was actually my first codey-code project ever!