Drawing a seat

Early 2020, somewhere in February or March. I wanted to draw a chair.. thing. I opened GIMP, and drew a chair. Poorly. Very poorly.
To no surprise, I quickly got bored of staring at a "chair" and decided to add cat ears. Why that specifically? No reason. That's when I realized that it looks more like a cat than anything.
After a few changes, it became an actual cat looking thing; and best of all, it was my creation.

Really bad drawing of a chair

The Blinking Thing

I don't remember specifically what happened here. All I know is that some day I got bored and decided "im gonna animate chair in wick to make him blink".
So now there's this thing. It blinks. Cool. I like this thing. Sometimes I use it, but sometimes I don't because it makes performance crappy and some services just don't handle GIF files really well with profile pictures (example, Mastodon).

chair blinko

Is it my cat?

No. I did not mean to make Chair look like my cat. Chair and my cat are two different entities disconnected from each other.

my cat

Legal Chair license boring stuff

As with any creative art thing, I wanted to put a copyright on it so that it doesn't get stolen, or used in ways I don't approve of. So I decided to put a Creative Commons license on Chair and all of its derivatives. That being said, I really don't mind if you use it for your own work! I don't like being strict. In case you do want to share the image files however, you shouldn't have to worry; the copyright tags are written in the images' EXIF tags.

Creative Commons License
Chair and all of it's "drawings" seen here are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.